Institutional foundation. Independent flexibility.

From our custodian to our investment partners, client funds are invested with some of the largest institutions in the business.

The money management, however, is done with the flexibility and efficiency of our fully independent private firm.

About Us

Serving the Affluent Investor

MCM was founded in 2004 in Southern California and has since expanded to service clients throughout the western US.  We focus on serving the unique needs of the affluent investor. As an independent RIA, we are able to offer wealth-building tools and advice without bias or conflict of interest.

In fact, we’ve setup our firm to correct many or the wrongs we feel have become commonplace in our industry at large.  We work for our clients to help them achieve their desired outcome using a collaborative financial planning and hands-on investment management approach.

Investment Management Services

◉ Individuals

◉ Families

◉ Businesses

◉ IRAs

◉ Trusts

◉ 401Ks


The financial planning industry is most definitely a for profit business.  All too often, clients end up paying for ivory tower offices and national marketing campaigns via exorbitantly high fees and, more importantly, lost portfolio growth.

At Marathon, we trim the fat.  We believe in efficiency at all levels.  Our investment thesis is specifically designed around the client’s best interest.  Our mission being to position the client for greater success, at a lower level of risk, while keeping the total fees paid extremely low.


Often the money management responsibility does not fall on the financial advisor.  Typically, the actual investment decisions are made by other associates with their company or by outside third-party firms altogether.

Our money management is done in-house. Your advisor is your manager. Our hands on approach, together with our streamlined and totally liquid portfolio construction, allows us to adjust in real-time.


Advisors tend to operate through the rear-view mirror.  You’ll get calls after the fact and portfolio reviews discussing the year that was, what happened and why.

 Marathon is always looking through the windshield.  In addition to the traditional reviews, we use data-driven indicators in an attempt to predict major market moves and to take advantage of major market dislocations.


Darren Crume

Partner and Chief Operations Officer at MCM.  While working together with Kim on the money management, he handles all back-office and compliance responsibilities.

Kim Magana

Founder and Chief Investment Officer of MCM.  He has been investing in the capital markets since first being exposed to the Chicago Board of Options Exchange in the early 80’s.

Firm Overview


MCM is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and is fee based only. We offer customized investment solutions tailored to our client’s personal objectives. With no other parties to answer to, and therefore no conflicting loyalties, we make every decision with only the client’s needs in mind.

We are a fiduciary and have a duty to act primarily for the benefit of our clients. We charge fees for investment advice and financial planning and receive no commissions on securities sold. We work with individuals, families, pension plans, businesses, charities and trusts.

Investment Thesis

MCM uses Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), low-cost mutual funds and individual securities to implement portfolio strategy. Extensive research and screening is done to meet our stringent requirements. We believe in portfolio diversity and avoid concentrated positions.

Our goal is to allow investors to fully participate in market expansion and to preserve wealth during significant market contraction. In addition, we provide clients the benefit of our overall experience, economic expertise and continuing study of the macro economic conditions.

Partner Portfolios

Does a financial advisor need to own the same investments they recommend to their client base? Does an advisor need to have a similar personal net worth? Do they need a similar size portfolio? No.

At Marathon, the partners themselves have sizable personal portfolios that are comprised of the same investments that are purchased for clients.

Industry Notes

Financial advisors can be salesmen in disguise. They can sell “risk protected” investments that have large commissions and huge surrender chargers. Some annuity & insurance products run as high as 8% up front with annual fees up to 4%. Loaded mutual funds can run up to 6% commissions plus annual fees up to 2.5%. Bonds can be sold principally traded, with the hefty commissions hidden.

Understanding total frees, and keeping total price transparency, are very important to long-term success.

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